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One of the things I love most about fitness is community. Sweating with others is motivating, inspiring, and more fun! As a recent Seattle transplant I have thoroughly enjoyed taking classes at studios around the Emerald City, and saying hi to complete strangers 🙂 From yoga and barre to cycling and HIIT this town has fabulous options for every fitness level, and amazing instructors.

Pregnancy and Fitness Exploring

At almost 37 weeks pregnant my body is slowing down. There are days when I am so exhausted that the mere thought of a cycling class gets me ready for nap #2. Although I would love to continue pushing 100%, attend every fitness event, and mix and mingle, I’ve accepted that I just physically can’t. And that’s ok.

Moving to Seattle has been an adventure of its own. My goal post-baby is to be the best mother and partner I can, start moving (safely) as soon as my body is ready, and jump back into the saddle (literally) to learn and grow as an instructor. I’m new to teaching and have a lot to learn. I’ve been involved on the business and management side (which I LOVE), but standing in front of a class, guiding everyone safely, and knowing your stuff is a totally different ballgame. Challenge accepted. 

Fitness Finds in Seattle

Although my time for fitness exploring in Seattle has been a bit limited, I have had the opportunity to visit a few sweat spots around town. I also have a few others I cannot wait to try, also noted on my growing list!

Barre 3 – Roosevelt

Prior to joining Barre3 I had only taken a few barre classes, ever. I tried a few studios and formats, but it never became a part of my regular routine. That changed when I tried my first class at Barre3. After taking a nasty tumble a month ago I quickly learned the importance of strengthening my pelvic floor, challenging my body isometrically, and prepping for labor.

Every class is a full-body workout, although I would say it’s legs and booty for almost sixty minutes 🙂 Those four pound dumbbells start to feel pretty heavy after a while. 

One of the big reasons Barre3 stands out to me is the focus on both mind and body. Each class is a physical, mental, and emotional journey. Extra bonus: childcare. 


Flywheel – South Lake Union

What a ride! Flywheel hasn’t made its way to San Diego, so I’ve only taken a few classes on my travels. In the couple classes I’ve taken at SLU, the energy in class is insane and I always leave completely drenched in sweat. The studio recently underwent a facelift, so the front space is spacious and open, with FlyFit and FlyBarre classes also being offered.  

The Flywheel bikes are very different than anything I’ve used before (e.g. Keiser, Schwinn). Every time I’ve taken class I’ve needed assistance in set up, partially because it takes a bit of maneuvering while pregnant to find the right height.

Tip: Arrive early to get situated with parking and set up. There is a quick transition time between classes.


CycleBar – South Lake Union

I’ve been a CycleBar fan and rider for over a year. The ride, the energy, and the community in San Diego were so strong and I couldn’t wait to hop on the saddle in SLU. When I first moved to Seattle I popped in to ride 3x/week. Now — not so much. I can’t wait to return to the studio after baby and recovery, when I can actually reach the handlebars.

Tip: The location is a bit tricky with all of the construction, so give yourself plenty of time.

City Cycle

Located in Greenwood, City Cycle is clean, easy to find, and has tons of parking nearby (huge plus). I ventured to class at 31 weeks pregnant, and Baby B was kicking and moving around the entire ride. Needless to say this made it a bit tricky for me to ride, but I still enjoyed the energy, music, and comradery in class. First class is free!


And if one class isn’t enough, Title Boxing – Greenwood is right down the street. Cycling + boxing makes for the perfect sweaty Saturday!


F45 – Capitol Hill

F45 is popping up all over Seattle. The popular functional training workout is 45 minutes of continuous movement, with daily workouts rotating between resistance/strength and cardio. Cardio days, like Docklands, are a bit trickier with a growing belly. Jumping and quick movements in the frontal plane (side-to-side) can be uncomfortable and tricky (there is a heightened risk of falling during pregnancy). 

Even with a few modifications I had a blast. The workout moves quick, so it’s impossible to get bored. 

In addition to Capitol Hill, locations are opening up in Ballard, Queen Anne, Kirkland, South Lake Union, Judkins Park, and more. I’m still waiting for Northeast Seattle!


If you are looking for a thoughtfully executed strength training program, Accelerate should be your first stop. Workouts are smart, balanced, and challenging, with classes incorporating both strength and conditioning utilizing a variety of equipment. There are no treadmills, but get ready for pure exhaustion and sweat on ski ergs, rowers, and assault bikes.

I discovered Accelerate on Instagram and knew my husband and I were going to love this spot. The trainers and owners are invested in YOU and your success. The gym is planning an expansion in 2019 and I cannot wait to see what they have in store. Childcare perhaps (I can dream)?


Studio 3 – Queen Anne

Studio 3 offers (you guessed it) three different class formats: yoga, cycling, and strength. Strength classes incorporate TRX, dumbbells, kettlebells, and a water rower. The only class I have not yet taken is Yoga Shred, a tad too challenging with a growing belly bump. I love how bright and open the space is, complete with a foosball table in the community area. Come in, sweat, and hang for a while with your new fitness friends. With a full locker room and showers it’s an easy before-work sweat spot.

Studio 3 is currently offering a free week, so now is the perfect time to pop in for a class (or two)!


Bassline Fitness – Pike Street

On every trip to Seattle I’ve come to Bassline for a good sweat. Located in Capitol Hill, the studio is a short walk to several hotels and the bustling Starbuck’s Roastery. I can usually persuade my husband to join with the promise of good coffee 🙂

Class is broken out into two groups (three on select days): strength training on the floor and cardio on the treadmill. The two groups rotate back and forth. During Lean Body Bazuka Total Body workouts you can also expect to utilize the landmine and wall balls — two of my favorites. If you’re on the Eastside you can pop in to the Kirkland location. 



Fit4Baby is a workout designed for pregnant mommas. There are multiple locations in Seattle, and I had the pleasure of working out with Becky. All exercises are carefully selected to prep the body for all the changes during pregnancy. I found that working out with other mommas was so invigorating. The workout is a mix of cardio, strength, balance and flexibility training, and ends with a relaxing meditation.

Your first Fit4Mom class is free! #StrengthinMotherhood


Post-baby Fitness Exploring

Some of the fabulous studios I hope to visit post-baby in 2019! I’ll also be keeping a close eye on some other studios/gyms rumored to be heading this way next year 🙂 

SoulCycle – South Lake Union

Fit36 – Ballard

Studio 45 – University Village

Burn Cycle – Ballard and Capitol Hill

Athletic Form

NW Fitness Project

Live Love Flow

Coreo Fitness: I can’t wait to try this Bungee workout, the first of its kind in Seattle.

HIIT Lab – West Seattle

The Six – Seattle: Hip Hop yoga studio? Yes please.

…and more to come 🙂


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