The Hydration Debate: How Much Water Should You Drink During Exercise?


Summer in San Diego has been hot, hot, hot! With the soaring temps I’ve been forced to modify my routine, as well as my intake of H2O. Staying hydrated in the heat is VERY important (I’ll talk more on that later), and I’ve actually started setting alarm reminders on my phone. With teaching, moving prep, travel, and everyday life it’s easy to forget to hydrate, even if my body craves the additional fluid. The biggest question I’ve always had is: how much should I be drinking? Pre-workout? Post-workout? What’s the right amount for MY body? So, I decided to do a little digging, and well as some taste testing with a new drink I think you’re going to like 😉

How much water do you need?

Staying hydrated is crucial for our health and wellbeing, but surprisingly many people do not consume enough fluids every day (guilty). There are several benefits to drinking enough water, one of which is the regulation of body temperature. During the hot summer months and a killer workout sesh our body’s core temperature increases and water stored in the middle layers of the skin comes to the surface as sweat to cool the body. So, we need additional water to replenish. And something extra to remember is, not all waters are created equal (more on that later).

We know we need water, but how much? During competition prep I averaged one gallon a day, and two gallons a day close to show day. Needless to say, lots of bathroom trips. There are a ton of recommendations out there on water consumption, with health authorities commonly recommending about eight 8-ounce glasses of water, which equals 2 liters (half gallon) per day. This varies on the individual. For me personally, a half gallon is not enough, and my body has a quick way of letting me know: thirst.

How much water do you need when you exercise?

Drinking water before, during, and after exercise is essential if you want to get the most out of your workouts, and feel good. General guidelines recommend 17-20 ounces of water 2 to 3 hours before exercising, 8 ounces during warm-up, 7-10 ounces every 10-20 minutes during the workout, and 8 ounces of water within 30 minutes of finishing. Without enough fluid before a workout you’re more likely to feel lethargic and get cramps sooner. A well-hydrated athlete on the other hand can workout longer and more effectively.


If you’re an early bird I recommend drinking a tall glass of water first thing in the a.m. to avoid dehydration. A little groggy and need that extra boost? I recommend Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water versus coffee. It’s refreshing, naturally carbonated, has zero calories, and is rich in minerals.

The biggest thing to remember is, every individual is different. When you’re thirsty, drink. And during high heat and exercise (or a combination of the two) drink enough water to make up for lost fluids.

How I’m Challenging Myself to Stay Hydrated

I try to stay extremely cognizant of water consumption. And lately I’ve been looking for ways to mix up my H2O intake, and get additional nutrients and health benefits along the way. A friend introduced me to Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water, and I’ve been loving the bubbles ever since.


One of the unique things I’ve learned is that there are thousands of different minerals across the world and not one is like the other (compare here)! Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water contains 2,500mg minerals per liter, with the perfect balance of calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate. Can you taste it? Nope! The unique balance gives it a refreshing clean and neutral taste.

I’m very excited to start the #SparklingDetox Challenge with Gerolsteiner USA on August 27th. What is the challenge? Simply swap out all beverages for Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water for 5 days, the perfect amount of time to experience the benefits of natural mineral water first hand. You can join the Gerolsteiner Sparkling Detox Group on Facebook to get tips on nutrition, fitness, and relaxation during the challenge, and connect with others too!


So, are you ready to join me? Follow along with me and Gerolsteiner during the Challenge on Instagram, and head to your nearest store to load up on Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water before we kick things off. And don’t forget to tag @Gerolsteiner_USA your photos and use the hashtags #sparklingdetox and #GerolsteinerUSA. Cheers!

This post is sponsored by Gerolsteiner USA. As always, all opinions expressed are genuinely my own.

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  1. Wow I don’t drink enough water while I work out, ha! Definitely going to up my water game. Thanks for the tips, Erica!

    1. It’s definitely hard sometimes to keep track and remember to drink. I always try to keep my bottle close to me during my workout for frequent sipping 🙂

    1. I struggle with it too! I sometimes get in the chugging habit at night, which can be dangerous when trying to get to sleep 🙂