“Erica has helped me get back into a workout routine! She makes each workout challenging, creative, and enjoyable! You can really tell how much she loves what she does and is very knowledgeable.  Erica takes the time to get to know her clients and ensures she is meeting your needs for your workout.” – Stacy T.

“I love Erica’s workouts — she’s super focused on the woman’s experience in exercise, especially for pregnant and postpartum women.  I wish I had started working out with her sooner after giving birth, and greatly benefit from her expertise as I return to exercise.  The workouts are fun and fast-paced.  I appreciate that Erica pays special attention to form during her sessions and always offers modifications.” – Katie M.

“I can tell Erica is really knowledgable and passionate about fitness. Her virtual fitness classes make it easy for me to get an effective and efficient workout that is inclusive for people of all abilities. She has guided me on proper weight lifting form, breathing, and core engagement. I have gotten stronger, can activate my core properly during workouts (and in everyday life), and most importantly, have the strength and energy to keep up with my toddler!” – Becky G.

“I’ve had the opportunity to take advantage of Erica’s group training classes many times. Her classes are fun, challenging and very clear to follow! Each class is structured for every fitness level. I look forward to each class and feel very accomplished when we’re done.” – Lisa E.

“I can’t say enough about the personalized program I received from Erica. From my first trimester through to delivery, Erica made sure that the workouts she designed for me were in line with the stages of my pregnancy and was more than willing to talk me through modifications when needed. She is always available to chat through questions and provide additional resources. This was super helpful when I ended up with carpel tunnel towards the end of my pregnancy. I couldn’t be happier and give credit to being able to labor for 25 hours because of the training and breath work that I did under her program. I plan to continue my training through the 4th trimester and beyond.” – Jenn B.

“Erica’s workouts have been awesome to get me back to feeling strong again. She is knowledgeable in postpartum fitness and provides demonstrations and explanations for each exercise.  I love that while I complete my exercises she is focused on my form, which can often be overlooked and causes more problems down the road. Erica is friendly, personable, and understanding in addition to her expertise in postpartum fitness!” – Bri V.

“Working with Erica completely changed my pregnancy. After having some severe pelvic pain around 20 weeks, my girlfriend referred me to Erica. I’m now 38 weeks and told my husband yesterday this is the strongest I’ve ever been. Not only did my low back and pelvic pain resolve as we progressed through strength training that stabilized my pelvis and core, but I feel SO ready for birth. Pregnancy is physically tough and Erica prepared me every step of the way to give my body what it needs to thrive during this time. I couldn’t be more grateful!” – Colleen W.

“Working with Erica through the middle and end of my second pregnancy has been nothing short of amazing. She truly “gets” what mamas need, she is encouraging and helpful all the way through. Erica’s workouts are very carefully designed for each stage in pregnancy and I always felt GOOD after (not depleted or like I had been moving in a way that didn’t work for my pregnant body). She was also always available and very helpful when I had a question outside of my workouts (for example: I’m having pain in X location, do you have any stretching or strengthening tips to help it?). Her tips always truly made a difference. I looked forward to Erica’s weekly check in emails where she goes over info related to your stage in pregnancy. Even though this is my second pregnancy and I read “all the things” with my first pregnancy I ALWAYS learned something new from her emails. They were chock full of knowledge. I am someone who likes to work with all the “specialists” [including] a Doula, Chiropractor and Pelvic Floor PT. It was nice to see that Erica’s advice always aligned with theirs and was very evidence based. You can tell she does her research and is so knowledgeable in the prenatal and postpartum field. Overall, you can tell Erica puts so much care and thought into her programming and each and every client. She treats you like a friend! I am definitely planning to continue working with her postpartum.” – Charlotte P.


“I was fairly active before I was pregnant. However, once I was done with my first trimester after a couple mild injuries, I realized I needed better assistance in staying active during pregnancy and postpartum. In stepped my workout-guide-in-shining-armor, Erica. Her workouts have been amazing at keeping me active during pregnancy, prepared for childbirth, and recovering well postpartum. She’s patient, a great listener, and provides great custom feedback and resources. I would highly recommend her! Thanks to her I’m one strong mama taking care of my fast little one!” – Elizabeth G.

“As a prenatal and postpartum coach myself hiring a trainer was always an ego check. Making the decision to work with Erica was the best thing I did for myself during my second pregnancy. I came to her with pretty intense tailbone pain and SPD symptoms and through her programing Erica had me back to doing single leg movements pain free in no time. The accountability was also huge since making time for myself and my workouts wasn’t easy during this pregnancy. But Erica was always by my side, encouraging me to move my body when it felt right and adjusting the workouts to fit my body and needs. To all the pregnant mamas out there, I highly recommend reaching out to Erica! You won’t regret it.” – Sarah L.

“A friend of mine and I worked with Erica for a few months before we both gave birth this summer, and from the start, I was blown away both by her knowledge and level of detail and support as a trainer / coach. She really took the time to explain the “why” behind our exercises, and to make sure we focused on functional fitness that would prepare us for birth and beyond. We are currently in the early postpartum phase, and Erica has continued to support us with resources and encouragement as we tackle life as new moms. I cannot wait until we can dive back into some training sessions — with Erica’s safe and effective guidance!” – Blair B.

“Erica has given me back my confidence to exercise and move freely. Pre-baby I was a barre, Pilates, HIIT class gal. But returning to exercise postpartum, and then with a prolapse, was challenging both mentally and physically. Erica knew how to be my coach in both ways. She’s so knowledgeable and supportive, and her support doesn’t stop when the session ends that day. She regularly checks in, gives feedback and advice, and sprinkles in all kinds of little extras that she thinks will help you during your week. I wish I had found her during pregnancy, but I am happy she is on my team now. 8 months postpartum and I honestly feel stronger than I did pre-baby.” – Michelle S.