5 Ways to Workout with Small Children


The last few weeks have been a bit of a blur. My family and I left Seattle for a trip to San Diego just before Coronavirus took over headlines nationwide. In a matter of days life changed, businesses closed, and our daily routines started to look a tad different. While my family and I hunker down inside, one thing has and will always keep me sane: movement. Moving my body, no matter how long, is good for mind and body in so many ways. 

With schools closed, many parents are struggling to find ways to keep kids entertained, let alone squeeze in a workout. I have you covered 😉 Your workouts at home may look a bit different with kiddos joining in, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be challenging or fun. How do you get in a workout with the kids at home? I’ve rounded up five ways to get started. 


5 Ways to Workout with Small Children

Workout in whatever you’re wearing RIGHT NOW

Hang with me on this one. If you’re at home with small children squeezing in a workout, every minute counts! No one will know if you’re still in your pajamas, or in a mismatched outfit. I do recommend a good sports bra though 😉 

Adjust your Mindset 

What does a “good” workout mean to you? Do you need to sweat, feel sore, or move for a certain amount of time? Right now your schedule may look a bit different. Perhaps you only have fifteen minutes? Any type of movement, no matter how long, is beneficial and gets you started. 

Workout with Your Kids

When I workout at home, Benji is typically up and joining in. I put on his favorite show, lay out toys, and let him get involved. Is there crying, nagging, and frustration? Yes. But, that’s life with a toddler. 

Nap or bedtime is precious time for working, spending time with my husband, or enjoying some self care. Although it might be easier to workout while my son is asleep, I often feel rushed or paranoid that he’s going to wake up any second. 

My suggestion is to include your kids and keep communication open. An example like, “Five more reps and then mommy will come help you,” involves them in the workout and sets boundaries on your time. I also want my son to know that I’m doing something important and that he can play independently. 

Come Prepared

I recommend having a structured plan. Whether that’s on a white board, a piece of paper, or an app on your phone, have your workout ready to go. As you complete sets and reps you’ll be able to check items off your list, which always feels good. 

There are tons of workouts available on Instagram and YouTube, or you can work with a personal trainer like me to get a custom plan created for you 🙂 

Set Time Aside and Commit

Carve out the time in your schedule and then communicate with your partner and your kids.  An example would be, “after breakfast mommy is going to exercise. Daddy is going to take everyone to the park.” It’s important to set the time aside for yourself, but also set expectations. 

Of course there may be things that come up, and that’s where we adapt. I encourage you to be considerate of your time and energy and go from there. Have you slept? Are you sore? Do you have a sick kid? 

Working out with small children can be challenging, but it is doable. Since having Benji my workout routine has evolved. I move in a way that feels good and challenges me, but also allows me to perform the daily tasks of motherhood. Sometimes my workouts are an hour, and sometimes they’re only 15 minutes, but I enjoy every moment <3 




Where did I first hear these tips? I love these tips from the To Birth & Beyond Podcast. Check out their informative podcast weekly for more Pregnancy & Postpartum resources.

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