The Big Move: Pregnancy Weeks 22-24


Change is scary sometimes, but it’s also pretty amazing. In 2012 I moved to San Diego knowing no one, and I’ve met some pretty incredible people since (including my husband). I always thought San Diego would be my final stop, but sometimes life takes you to unexpected places.

Moving to a New City: Seattle

Next month my hubby and I make the journey north to Seattle, a city the two of us have grown to love for its greenery (yep! It’s rains a lot), friendly people, delicious food, and walkability. With a baby on the way and my family down in California, I’ve definitely been a bit nervous about the transition. New doctors, new friends, and a lack of childcare help (grandparents) are just a few of the “ah, can we do this?!” freak outs I’ve had along the way.

Moving to a new city can be pretty intimidating, but I’ve actually done it a few times: Madison, WI, Chicago, Cincinnati, and San Diego. There are dozens of ways to get involved and meet people in larger cities: religious groups, alumni organizations, prenatal classes / mom groups (relevant these days), sports leagues, gyms/studios, work, Meetups, and more. I’ve preemptively reached out to a few already 🙂 So although moving seven months pregnant is probably not an ideal situation, I know it’s a fabulous change for our family, baby, and my husband’s career. And speaking of baby….

24 Weeks Pregnant

I can’t believe we’ve made it to week 24! With every passing week I am even more grateful for this growing bump and the active boy we’ll get to meet in a few months. The tricky thing about moving while pregnant (besides the heavy boxes) is finding a new physician. Last week I had the opportunity to meet my new doctor, and she’s fabulous. We got a heartbeat check on Baby B, and he’s a strong little boy. He kicks ALL the time, and because he’s currently breach (we are hoping he moves), I feel his little feet pretty low in my abdomen on the regular.


The last few weeks my husband and I have had the opportunity to experience some amazing milestones with baby. At a friend’s wedding in Vermont, Aaron felt the baby kick for the first time.  His initial reaction was, “no wonder you have trouble sleeping.” I love this little boy, but he also strategically gets super active right when momma needs some shut eye 😉


Along with finding a new doctor we’ve started conversations around a birth plan, breastfeeding, a nursery, childcare, and postpartum rehab. It’s never too early to start prepping your body for labor, and learn more about pelvic floor health. Bring on the kegels!

A few other fun facts from my pregnancy so far:

  • Cravings: I went through a period where all I wanted was cereal and milk! Now I just have A LOT of cereal in the house 🙂
  • Weight gain: About 18 pounds since FET transfer. I transitioned to maternity wear around 16 weeks.
  • Exercise: I CANNOT make it through a class without having to pee once, if not twice.
  • Kicking: I started feeling Baby B kick around 19 weeks.
  • Growth: Let’s be real ladies – it happens. I’m already up two cup sizes. And coming from someone who had breast reduction, this is a BIG deal.

Next Steps in the PNW

As I approach my third trimester I know there are big transitions ahead of me, physically and emotionally. Moving to Seattle was not an easy decision for my husband and I, especially now. But after receiving feedback from friends, we decided moving with an infant would be far more difficult.

I’ve had several moments of complete overwhelm with all of the changes. But I’ve found all of the groups I’ve reached out to in Seattle incredibly supportive and welcoming. New people, new city, new baby, and lots of changes. We are truly stepping outside our comfort zone moving to a new city, and I can’t wait. As a family I know we will be stronger.



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