Pregnancy Must-Haves: Weeks 18-21


Guess what?! Weโ€™re halfway there! One thing Iโ€™ve discovered along the way so far is that pregnancy moves fast and slow at the same time. Every Friday, like clockwork, I check The Bump app to see what new vegetable or fruit Baby B is. Starting at 18 weeks heโ€™s grown from an artichoke to a mango to a banana to (drumroll) an endive! My Fruity Friday mornings bring my husband and I such joy, and we canโ€™t help but look ahead to the weeks ahead. Holy moly – a watermelon! ๐Ÿ™‚ The slow part: weโ€™re only halfway there!

TheBumpWeek21Transitioning to the second trimester came with huge celebration in my household. No more progesterone injections, baby bump sightings were on the horizon, and we could finally be excited and announce our pregnancy to friends. Since that 13 week mark weโ€™ve slowly transitioned to โ€œoh my goodness, we are going to be parentsโ€, researching every product on the market, planning a baby shower, contacting baby groups, and buying maternity clothes. It became even more real when I felt Baby B kicking around 20 weeks (on my birthday!).


Pregnancy Must Haves

With all of these โ€œoh my goodness we are going to be parentsโ€ moments in our household Iโ€™ve also taken to researching and experimenting with products that will help make pregnancy as smooth and comfortable as possible. These goodies are based on my personal experience. There are tons of lists out there (like this one) to help too if you want something pretty general.

Maternity Wear

Iโ€™ve had a difficult time finding maternity clothing, primarily because very few stores carry in store. Because my body is constantly changing I prefer to try on clothing versus relying on a sizing guide and reviews. Pea in the Pod has been my go-to for pregnancy jeans, nice tops, and dresses. I wait for sales because they happen pretty often ๐Ÿ˜‰ Iโ€™ve also added items from Target, Old Navy, Macyโ€™s, and Gap.

Comfy pants and activewear

As much as I love my maternity jeans and dresses, I live in activewear. Align pants from lululemon are by far the most comfortable and soft. These are my day-to-day go-to pants. I will caution, however, that they do not provide a lot of support for that growing belly. So, if you are suffering from round ligament pain like me, these may not work for your workouts. I only wear them for yoga, teaching, or lounging. During pregnancy Iโ€™ve also gone up a size in these.

My favorite go-to crops for working out are from Old Navy. The high-rise option provides a ton of support for my growing bump and I actually feel like things are held โ€œin place.โ€


A few others to explore:

Pink Blush Maternity: I havenโ€™t ordered anything yet, but they have cute dresses, tops, and special occasion items.

Le Tote: Iโ€™ve received several recommendations for Le Tote, a subscription based option. If you donโ€™t want to spend a ton of money on maternity clothes, why not rent?

Even more options here.

Massage Lotion

With San Diegoโ€™s recent bouts of intense heat my skin has become extremely dry. So, skincare products are an absolute must and Iโ€™m constantly moisturizing. I recently tried Palmerโ€™s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion and Tummy Butter. I LOVE it. Not only does is smell fabulous, itโ€™s also specially formulated to help combat stretch markets. Pregnant, postpartum, or just in general itโ€™s hypoallergenic, easy to apply, and dermatologist approved.


Belly Book: A Way to Document Your Pregnancy

I started documenting my pregnancy once we hit the second trimester. I know that in a few years when I look back I will be so thankful my husband captured a weekly bump photo, I wrote down every feeling and kick, doctorโ€™s appointment, and special moment. I love my nine-month journal, and even have a picture of the embryo transferred by our reproductive endocrinologist (Baby B).

Belly Bands

There are a couple different reasons to get a belly band, one of which Iโ€™m learning first hand. Round ligament pain is caused by the extra weight and pressure on the ligaments that support my growing uterus, and itโ€™s extremely uncomfortable. Iโ€™ve started looking at belly bands to help lessen the pressure and pain, like this one.

Future Pregnancy Must Haves

I know there are items I have not started using that will become my new BFF as Baby B continues to grow.

Body Pillow

Iโ€™ve had some trouble sleeping recently, but thatโ€™s mainly due to Baby B kicking or bathroom runs. As time goes on a body pillow will help me get those extra zzzzโ€™s. I used one when getting a prenatal massage and it was heavenly. Iโ€™ve heard fabulous things about this one.ย 

A Bigger Bra

Well hello there! Yes, Iโ€™ve already gone up a full cup size and I anticipate that going up even more. As someone who has had breast reduction, this has been extremely difficult. But, I know itโ€™s only temporary.

Bigger Shoes

Yes, those feet will swell. Yikes!

What about you? What are some of your pregnancy must-haves? I love experimenting with new products and meeting new mommas. Please comment below or swing by my Instagram page and say hi!

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